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Coordinates:            N4126.74'   W7227.34'

Fuel:                        80, 100LL

Rwy 01-19:              H1800x50 (asph)     LIRL(NSTD)

Airport Remarks:    Parachute jumping.
                                          Extensive helicopter training operations. 
                                 Rwy 01-19 right traffic for helicopters only.
                                 Rwy 01-19 NSTD LIRL; non FAA approved.
                                 NSTD LIRL Rwy 01-19 operates dusk-0500Z

Communications:    CTAF/UNICOM  123.0
                                 Bridgeport FSS (BDR) TF 1-800-WX-BRIEF, 
                                 NOTAM FILE BDR

Additional Ellington Airport Info